‘You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea’ says 15 year-old Deso Barman, North-East India’s youngest YouTuber

When we try to imagine the typical life of a 15-year-old Indian boy, we imagine a gangly, school-going kid whose whole life revolves around preparation for his board exams.

Deso Barman from Assam, the youngest YouTuber from North-East India, is unlike that image. A typical day in his life include shooting, editing, and all the other work that goes into maintaining his fast-growing channel ‘Deso’s Life’.

From being harassed to battling depression, Deso has faced enough experiences to give him a maturity beyond his age.

In a friendly chat with us, Deso shares his tips, inspiration and perspectives.

What are the challenges you faced initially when you started YouTubing?

I received a lot of support but my main problem was my relatives. I had to constantly answer questions like ‘Rishtedaar Kya bolenge’ and ‘Log Kya kahenge’. I had to face my school friends after uploading each video. I also received a lot of hate comments. But I learnt to deal with these comments and tell myself that I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

What do you feel about the criticism that you get?

I take all criticism in a very positive way. Critics help us improve ourselves. But sometimes there are ridiculous comments about the way you look, your personality, the way your hair looks, etc. These things don’t matter because everyone has different preferences. I am a very positive person by nature, so it doesn’t affect me much.

Tell us more about your content and editing that goes into your videos?

My content is very diverse so my subscribers are also very diverse. I make North-East regional reaction videos. I also do brand reviews and self-motivating videos. I plan, shoot and edit my own videos. My sister helps me as a graphic designer. I don’t believe that YouTubers need any professional equipments. The only thing that has to be professional is our attitude.

How do you use YouTube to spread social awareness?

We are the youth and we should be aware. I know people prefer entertainment over serious topics but issues need to be addressed.

I am promoting North-East and representing it at every stage. I also want to fight the racism faced by the North-Eastern people in the mainland. People treat us like foreigners. Everyone should be educated about these matters.

Do you have any advice for aspiring YouTubers?

I believe that we shouldn’t have too much ego. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone. Other YouTubers will have different amount of subscribers, views, likes etc. We should be grateful for every subscriber. If we have a hundred subscribers, then it’s a great thing. We should be positive and feel blessed. It’s okay to go slow and take small steps.

Check out Deso’s YouTube channel here and his Instagram here!

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