Why the name Northbound

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In the two months since we started our blog Northbound, we have been asked the same question 472 times. ‘What is Northbound about?’

In the beginning, we would just talk. Our explanation would go on and on and I could see the other person’s eyes glaze over as they started dreaming about the Fudgy Brownie recipe they saw on Tasty.

So we changed our approach. We wrote it all down, pruned it, and made it sharper. Stick to the script. Enter, make your point, exit.

This was much better. But then an unexpected question started cropping up. ‘Why is it called Northbound?’ And then, ‘Why North and not any other direction?’

Before we get this question another 400 times, I decided to set the record straight.

If you Google ‘Northbound meaning’, this is the explanation you get-

‘Travelling or leading towards the North’. Example: “northbound traffic”

Though this definition talks only of the North direction, to us it holds a deeper meaning.

It is about aiming higher and dreaming bigger. It is about pushing yourself to always move forward. It is about our goals and always moving the finish line a little farther ahead.

You are Northbound if you have stage-fright but you are forcing yourself to get behind the podium and talk to an audience.

You are Northbound if you are working 10 long hours a day and then making time to practice on your guitar and perform gigs.

We are Northbound because we forced ourselves to get over our fear of being judged, trusted our ideas, and published that first blog post.

The people we interview are all Northbound because they had the courage and determination to follow through on their ambitions. We talk to them to learn how they did it and how we can get there, too.

With each article and each interview we do, we want to help you inch a little closer to your finish line, whatever it may be. We want to inspire you and inform you to make bold decisions.

We should all be Northbound.

I hope I got you before the cute baby video did.

That’s all for this week.

Signing off to enjoy the rest of this Senti-Sunday chilling with my Kindle and some coffee,


Meghana Choukkar

(Look out for Vibha Harish next week!)

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