Is learning a new language still on your to-do list? Try these hacks now!

Learning a new language is no easy task but with determination and a few helpful hacks up your sleeve, you’ll be a pro in little to no time! All you have to do is take interest in the language and follow the tips given below.

  • Invest in its culture:

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    “One of the most entertaining ways to learn or get to know a language is by doing things you do with languages you already know,” says Nikhita Raaj, a student at St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru.

    Listen to the music of the language, watch movies and TV shows to familiarise yourself with the words and pronunciation in an enjoyable manner.

  • Talk to people who speak that language 

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    This is one of the best ways to learn a language quickly. Your skills will develop faster when you absolutely need it.

    When the only way you can communicate with a person is by speaking the language you are learning, you will pay more attention to what is being said.  Even if it’s not something you understand in the moment!

  • Use Post-It notes and Flashcards

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    Paper can be magical when used correctly! For example, learn the names of objects in and around your home by posting notes on the objects. Then each time you see or use the object you will see what the object is called in the language you are learning.

    You can also make fun flashcards to learn new words in your native language and the language you are trying to learn. The more often you look at these cards, the more you will start relating the word in your language to its foreign language counterpart.


  • Think in the language:

    Now hear me out. This one probably sounds absurd because you’ve just started to learn. But Mrs Lizy Wilson, the head of the German language department in Mount Carmel College, says “The more you channel your daily thoughts into the words you’ve recently learned, the easier they will be to remember.
    For example, when you see a tree  you should think of the word for tree in the language you are studying.”
  • Use Language Apps and YoutubeThere are tons of videos on Youtube in different languages that are easily accessible and user-friendly. This can especially help with pronunciation and dialects. Then there are apps like Duolingo which give you a different experience. Besides learning, it’s also a great way to befriend new people.

Knowing more than one language will always help and it makes your resume a lot more impressive.

Learning anything takes time and effort and studying a language is no different, so be patient and passionate and you’ll be a multilingual person in no time!

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Padma Ramakrishna is a first year student at Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. She is really passionate about Psychology and Literature. She enjoys reading and watching TV shows so she can be found curled up in bed with her kittens and books or a laptop. She’s a sucker for animals of any kind and is both a dog and cat person.

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