Here’s a checklist from Vivian Ambrose if you want to get started as a photographer

If you want to get started as a photographer, here are some things you need to know. 

Where others see dead leaves and shadows, Vivian Ambrose can see patterns and symmetry. Equipped with his camera, this travel and wedding photographer can turn anything plain and ordinary into a photograph you would want on your wall.

One glance at Vivian’s Instagram profile is enough to for you to know that he loves to experiment in the craft of the lens.

Vivian has had a fascination for cameras since he was a child and after working for a few years as a software professional, he took up photography full-time.

Vivian Ambrose

We spoke to Vivian about the things he has learned along the way which could help you make your own big leap.

Here you go!

#1 Don’t quit until you have to

Source: Vivian Ambrose

“If you already have a stable job, keep it. You won’t be able to make much money at first, especially with something like travel photography. It helps to have a steady source of income while you develop your skills. You can work on the side on shoots and weddings.”

Vivian worked at a software company for over three years while he pursued his passion for photography. In the beginning, he was getting a few assignments per month but as the years passed, he got busier and busier.

“At one point, work started piling up and I had no time to sleep or rest. I was stressed out. That’s when I knew it was time to quit,” Vivian said.

#2 Don’t get stuck with shooting events. Use your time to learn new things.

Source: Vivian Ambrose

“I feel that lately many who are just starting out as photographers are trying to make money rather than first learning the art form. People start with shooting events and when they make money from that, they get stuck in the same kind of work. You should take time to also learn the art and experiment,” says Vivian.

Develop your skill and build a social media presence with great content. Then things will happen for you.

#3 You need business skills, too

Source: Vivian Ambrose

“I was not aware of this and no one told me. That business skills are equally important is something I learned on the go. Most good photographers are also good talkers. You need to socialise and talk about your business,” Vivian says.

When you are an independent photographer, you are a one-person company. You have to talk to get clients, talk to them, negotiate, convince and convert them. Aside from the most important camera skills, this is an area you should work on.

#4 Don’t click the first idea you get

Source: Vivian Ambrose

“This is something I do myself. The first idea you get is always the most obvious one. So I usually scrap that and see how I can click something better,” Vivian said.

The internet is full of amazing pictures. So do your research before you photograph a subject. See what other people have clicked already, learn from that and create something unique.

Talking to other photographers and following the work of talented people in the field are great ways to learn.

We hope you find these little tips helpful!

Check out more of his amazing photographs on his Facebook and Instagram pages!

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