Planning to start a travel blog? You need more than a passport and laptop to begin!

Most of us follow travel bloggers online, see pictures from their incredible adventures and wonder how they have the money to globetrot without burning a hole in their pocket.

How did they make the plunge and how are they able to sustain themselves financially? We spoke to some well-known travel bloggers to find out.

Travelling usually starts just as a hobby and it takes time to set up a proper blog.

Sandeep Ramavana is a part-time blogger based in Bengaluru who goes out exploring in the weekends. He started out by just exploring places around the city which were accessible by public transport. This helped him keep his expenditure low, too.

What does it take to start? According to Sankara Subramanian, who proudly calls himself a travel evangelist, all it takes to be a travel blogger is a laptop and an internet connection. And some savings, too!

How do you manage your expenses while starting out?

All the bloggers we interacted with had saved up a lot of money through their previous jobs before they started blogging. Shweta Singhal is a well-established travel blogger and full-time mother who has been to over 40 countries. She had worked in the corporate world for 16 years, saved money and had done her fair share of travelling before she started her travel blog.

It takes quite some time to start earning through blogging so you must have initial savings before you take the leap.

Should you quit your job for your wanderlust?

According to Anuradha Goyal, who blogs on books and travel, ‘there is no common pill for all’. She had continued to work for three years after starting the blog for financial stability.

Sankara personally doesn’t recommend quitting but he says you could manage to pull it off. Even Shweta did not recommend quitting your job. Instead, she said it would be better to work simultaneously until you can start earning through your blog.

How do you continue managing your expenses?

After you are comfortable with blogging, you can start earning from your blog through various means such as advertising, sponsorships and affiliate marketing. You could even freelance as a writer or photographer. It all depends on you! Anuradha said she gets 20%-30% of her income through blogging and the rest comes from her previous investments (passive income).

Any advice to our readers?

This unconventional career surely requires extra perseverance. Sandeep believes that it takes a lot of time and hard work to make a career out of blogging. It takes more than just the love for travelling.

Shweta Singhal asks us to look beyond just the passion. “Are you the sort of person who loves to tell stories, who anyway helps out friends and family with their travel plans? Think about your travel style, the audience you want to reach out to, the kind of experiences you like to have, and the kind of stories you want to tell – it will help you narrow down your niche and target audience,” she said.

Never start blogging with preconceived notions but go with an open mind.

Not sure if travel blogging is for you?

You may not be too sure if travel blogging is your thing so the easiest way to figure that out is by writing for other bloggers or publications for some period of time to check it really is your thing. The best way to know for sure as Anuradha Goyal says is to, “just pack your bags and head out you will figure it all on the way”.

Check out the blogs of the wonderful bloggers we spoke to

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