Architecture degree done but no interest in buildings? You can try out these careers!

Imagine majoring in Architecture by putting in 5 years of hard work and dedication, only to realize that you don’t have the heart to make a career out of it!

Fret not! There are many other careers you can explore where your knowledge of Architecture will help you make your mark.

Architecture teaches you creative problem solving, iterative thinking, project management, micromanaging, team management skills, engaging with complexity and uncertainty, among other skills and these will help in your transition to a new field. Here are some of them:

  1. Photographer

An architecture graduate will have knowledge about design, spaces, composition, color, lighting and geometry which is essential for a photographer. You get to tell a story tastefully and express your individuality and vision in this profession.

Harshan Thomas, one of the most sought after photographer who studied architecture is a perfect example for merging creative and professional pursuits. He specializes in architectural photography and believes his training as an architect has given him the experience of understanding light and a keen eye for aesthetics. You can see his amazing photos and body of work in here.

2. Fashion Designer

Fashion and Architecture are like two faces of the same coin. Architecture school teaches you visualization of designs and patterns, application of ideas on to your project and paying attention to minute details, all of which will be helpful in fashion designing, too.

Some of the biggest names in fashion industry like Tom Ford and Gianni Versace studied Architecture before entering fashion. Their architectural influences can be seen in their body of work.

Clio Sage, an accomplished designer who is also an architecture graduate in her interview with INHABIT, a lifestyle magazine says, “I often call my work body-scale architecture because they feel that way. Both fields are so closely linked in that they want to push the limits of construction, material, and inhabitability. They influence your daily experiences as well as your life’s most significant moments.

3. Animator

Don’t be surprised when you find out Eric Saindon, the animator behind the movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar is a trained architect!

In an interview with Study Architecture blog, he says that urban planning and design skills that he acquired during Architecture degree, have proven to be useful while creating a digital city that will never be built but will be as close to real as possible.

Animation can be a natural progression for an architecture graduate. Architecture students learn to make animated films to digitally showcase the plans and designs to their clients. Understanding the structural nuances and ability to place yourself in an imaginary space is critical to both animation and architecture field.

Ben West, a former architect and an award winning animator, in his interview with BBC says “Good architecture strives to relate to the human condition and tell a story, so, too, do good filmmakers.”

4. Wedding Planner

Architecture and Wedding Planning are not all that different. For starters, both architects and wedding planners need to work with a given budget and execute at stipulated time. In both the fields, organization skills and problem solving ability plays a huge role. They must always have a Plan B to go with.

Being an architecture graduate, you learn design and have a better understanding of spaces, symmetry and patterns, which can be used aesthetically in planning a wedding.

Deepika Shetty, a young wedding planner who graduated with an Architecture degree says that her education comes in handy while designing spaces and sets for a wedding. She adds that studying architecture has also helped to better her communication skills, exposed her to people and taught her to micromanage things, all of which was instrumental in setting up her own company, `Best Day Ever’.

5. Conservationist

A conservationist manages natural habitats including wetlands, forests and rangelands. Being a conservationist means making field visits to meet with the land owners to determine conservation needs and to work with conservation plan development.

It also includes conducting site inspections and making sure the project is done within the given conservation policies, all of which is partially related to architecture curriculum. An architecture graduate can use their knowledge in spatial organization, plan development and ability to work independently or as a part of teams to become a conservationist.

Architecture as a whole is very broad subject that leads you to various other fields. Some are related vaguely and may require more knowledge and education to enter, while others are closely related and make your career shift easier. There are infinite other things that can be done with an architecture degree but always make sure you feed both your soul and stomach!

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