22-year-old photographer for BB ki Vines says to students ‘Value experience over Money’

A 22-year-old with four years of experience.

That’s the dream CV for every college student looking to get recruited. 

But Tushar Mahajan doesn’t really need a CV and he doesn’t have to give interviews because he has already established himself as a photographer and cinematographer.

Tushar, who admits he is still a kid, is the official photographer for one of India’s top YouTubers comedian Bhuvan Bam who runs the popular channel ‘BB ki vines’. He is also the official photographer for Rock bands Agastya and Euphoria.

Tushar Mahajan is 22 but he already has four years of experience and is the official photographer for YouTuber Bhuvan Bam
Tushar Mahajan is 22 but he already has four years of experience and is the official photographer for YouTuber Bhuvan Bam

So how did he get this far this quickly?

It was all about starting early and making the right moves.

Tushar’s journey with photography began in the first semester of his course in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in a college in New Delhi.

“I was at a low point back then so I joined a short photography course alongside college, just to pass my time. Twice a week, I would bunk the last couple of classes to make it to the photography course,” Tushar said.

At the end of the course, Tushar got an opportunity to work with a production company on a wedding shoot. After being promised a pay when at the end he did not get any, Tushar was disheartened.

But he was quick to realise that focusing on gaining experience would bring him better returns in the long run.

Work for the experience, it pays eventually

From his experience, Tushar’s advice to college students is to not focus on how much they can earn from their skill.

Although the first wedding shoot did not bring him any money, the production company liked his work and took him on for other projects.

“I shot about 50 to 60 events with them and a lot of it was unpaid. But I was able to gather experience and my work got better and better. I made many connections with emcees and artist managers at the events I was covering. Eventually, by my second year, I was able to leave the production house and work independently,” Tushar said. And all this while, Tushar was still attending college, trying to find a balance between his job and classes.

Even after he went solo, Tushar took on projects for music bands for a lesser fee than others because he wanted the experience.

Clicked by Tushar Mahajan. Source: Instagram/Tushar Mahajan
Clicked by Tushar Mahajan. Source: Instagram/Tushar Mahajan

Invest in relationships

Besides hard work and dedication, it was investing in relationships that helped Tushar rise quickly and establish his talent.

“Whenever I went for an event, I would keep a smile and interact with everyone. Be it the anchor of the event, the artist managers, or the artists themselves, I would talk to them and build a bond,” Tushar said.

Working with BB ki Vines

It was one such relationship that eventually led to him being the official photographer for BB ki Vines.

“I met Bhuvan bhaiya at a shoot when he was just starting out. We talked and we became friends. I offered to shoot for him even though he said he couldn’t pay me much. Even I was not earning a lot but I could see that he had the dedication and the talent. I was confident that he would do well, eventually,” Tushar said.

Bhuvan did go on to become one of the country’s top YouTubers! And now Tushar aims to become a legend in cinematography and photography himself!

You can check out Tushar’s Instagram here

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