We’re one-month-old! And we’re sharing all the lessons we have learned so far!

Northbound is now one-month-old!

The first post was the toughest. We were so nervous about putting ourselves and our ideas out there. But with every post, we are learning how we can do better and we’re becoming more confident.

Every interview we have done so far has been special. We always knew we wanted to learn about diverse professions through people’s journeys. But we didn’t expect to gain so much from each person, especially those who were in fields unrelated to our own.

So in this “monthiversary” post, we thought we would share with you the little nuggets of life lessons we took back from each interview.

Northbound is constantly evolving and taking shape. We have big plans for the coming months so stay with us for some exciting times ahead!


  1. “Tell yourself and those around you that you’re a work-in-progress”


Putting up your work on the internet can make you feel scared and vulnerable. We, too, were nervous about publishing our interviews and articles so we delayed the launch of the blog for weeks.

So when we spoke to Rega Jha, Editor of BuzzFeed India, we asked her how she deals with her social media anxieties. “It can be scary to put things out there because you are scared about whether you are wrong or if it will come off as lame or uncool. Just telling yourself that you are a work-in-progress can take that pressure off,” she said.

This resonated with us so much that we gave ourselves a three-day deadline, got to work on our WordPress site and put up that first piece for you all to see!

  1. “When I want to learn something new, I always think of the application and think of a problem that I can solve with it.”

We were really inspired by Vijay Raghav Varada, an entrepreneur who lives for learning. Even in college, he went beyond the syllabus to teach himself something new and that is what led to him and his friend starting a company. With this blog, there is so much we need to learn and often we don’t know where to start. Vijay’s approach of solving a problem has come in handy for us!

  1. “There is no such thing as ‘not having time’. Make time for the things you love.”

Most of us have so many unfinished side-projects to our credit. When the occasional stab of guilt hits us, we are quick to excuse ourselves saying we’re just too busy with everything else.

But as T Praveen Kumar, lead guitarist of the band Agam told us, if you are passionate about something, you have to make time for it. It’s all about knowing your priorities.

Now, give that movie a skip and work on the application you were building or that book you wanted to write!

  1. “I had told myself after college that I would learn something new every two years.”

The interview with Anup J Kat, the underwater photographer was one of the first we ever did! We met Anup and Vivian Ambrose, another super-talented photographer, at a cafe in Bengaluru and it turned out to be a fun afternoon.

What really stuck with us was this one line from Anup, quoted above. Anup had been a wedding photographer but his resolution to learn something new every two years is what took him underwater to learn diving. Now we have made this resolution, too!

And watch out for Vivian’s interview, it’s coming up soon!

      5. Attend startup events and reach out to the speakers before you go

How to make the most of startup events and conferences?

That was our question to Kavan Antani, CEO of IndieFolio, who has attended quite a few of them himself.

With so many people attending and everyone trying to talk to the big shots, how do you stand out, get noticed and, more importantly, remembered? Kavan’s hack for this: “Figure out who the speakers are and connect with them on LinkedIn a day in advance. Leave a message saying that you look forward to meeting them.”

We used that tip for a conference we attended a few weeks later and it definitely helps you stand out. But it doesn’t apply only to startups. The next time you attend an event or conference in your field, you should try this, too!

6. “We fear failure so much that we forget to enjoy the journey”

This whole project can go two ways for us. You guys can find this blog useful and share it with all your friends and family or you could find what we write irrelevant and never open an article by us again. We obviously have our fears.

But when we spoke to psychology major tuned video director, Meghna Mirgnani, her journey taught us that it’s okay to bet on things you care about, take action on it, be patient, be prepared for small failures and enjoy every part of the process.

We’re taking small risks every day along this journey and we’re enjoying writing for you guys! And we hope you’re enjoying reading, too!

We also want to thank you for being with us on this journey and for giving us the feedback we need to get better.

Do share with us if you have learned something valuable from any of the people we have interviewed!


From Vibha and Meghana

At Northbound, we want to help people make more informed choices about their careers and professional lives. The average person is said to spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. That’s a lot of precious time to spend being unhappy or unfulfilled. Be it your first career decision, switching to a new field or exploring an entrepreneurial journey, we want to help you make better decisions and inspire you to find your path! Follow us to never miss a new story!

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