Stuck with a subject that doesn’t interest you? Fret not, you can change at any age!

Thinking about what career to pursue has always been an out-of-syllabus question in a student’s life. We are taught many subjects in a classroom but nobody teaches us how to deal with this tough question which life throws at us.  

When you have multiple interests or when you don’t know where your interest lies, it can be difficult to pick one career for yourself. But if you take up one path, it does not mean that you have to stick with it all your life!

We at Northbound spoke to people who switched from one field to another well into their professional lives to show you that it’s possible!

A Doctor-turned-Social Entrepreneur

Rashmi Closepet, co-founder Itsy Bitsy

Rashmi Closepet, co-founder of Itsy Bitsy, a chain of hobby and  craft stores

With a mission of empowering women and for her love to create things, Rashmi Closepet, passionately took up the new line of product development and designing. Though it was circumstances in her case that made her switch from Homeopathy, she has no regrets about it. When asked about her motivation recipe, she says, “It is a lot of positivity that can help you make the switch. You should always keep the picture of what you are going to achieve in the future and must believe in it.”

Being a craft lover myself, I am very grateful to her for this change as Itsy Bitsy has been the solution for all my craft needs and I am certain that it is for many other craft lovers too.

An IT professional-turned-Yoga Instructor

Shriram V V, co-founder of Shreeyogashala, a yoga center

Shriram V V, co-founder of Shreeyogashala,

With an interest of learning Indian Sciences, Shriram V V, was amazed to know how yoga as a science can help individuals. This curiosity helped him to explore yoga more. According to him, yoga is not only for the physical mental aspects but also to bring the spiritual nature in us. He continued his love of practising yoga alongside his job and did not take the hasty decision of quitting it. He says, “I worked part-time and then slowly progressed to a full-time yoga teacher. I really enjoyed doing yoga every single day and I could see its benefits. It was this practice that I wanted to share it with others.”

When asked on how he handled criticism for choosing an unconventional path, he says, “Don’t stop and don’t be stagnant. Keep learning and keep moving ahead. This kind of builds the trust.”

A Software Engineer-turned-Editor

Saurabh J. Madan, Editor of Beameditator and a Goal-Setting Program Coach

Saurabh Madan

“I was at the top of my profession after having worked in a software company for 13 years and still I felt  empty from inside,” expresses Saurabh J. Madan.

It was the search for satisfaction and fulfilment which lead him to take the big decision of a career change. He says, “In my heart, I feel happy and that’s from where the strength comes. My work is really rewarding for me, for that, I am willing to sacrifice.”

So we can say, if one has the passion and the courage, career change is possible at any stage!

At Northbound, we want to help people make more informed choices about their careers and professional lives. The average person is said to spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. That’s a lot of precious time to spend being unhappy or unfulfilled. Be it your first career decision, switching to a new field or exploring an entrepreneurial journey, we want to help you make better decisions and inspire you to find your path! Follow us to never miss a new story!

Srithi Baid is a proud Arts student in Mount Carmel College. She is inquisitive and believes in following her heart rather than her mind. She enjoys her own company a lot and serene environments bring out the best in her. The best way to calm her nerves is consuming a whole bar of chocolate or by getting involved in adventurous sports.

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