From college to office: Here’s a guide to help you manage social interactions!

Conversations are so effortless when you’re hanging out with your friends and batch mates in college. Hugs, kisses, banter, gossip, and crushes, make up most of our social interactions.

But the same casual chatter and teasing may not work well when you enter the corporate world with its complex hierarchical structure.

So before you go out there and learn the dos and don’ts the hard way, here’s a handy guide we came up with after talking to a few working professionals about their experience!

Artwork by Rachna Srinivas

1. Find that space between personal and impersonal and stay there

A key thing to remember is to not get too personal at the workplace and bring discomfort to yourself and your co-worker. When one person opens up too much, it could make the working relationship uncomfortable and tricky.  

But at the same time, you shouldn’t be too impersonal. Being too distant could cost you some potentially good friends. Since you are spending the bulk of your time at office, it’s always nice to have a group of friends you can joke and laugh with.

So the trick is to stay in that space between being too personal and being too impersonal.

2. Workplace dating. Is that a yes or no?

It is not unusual to be romantically interested in a coworker because you spend a lot of time working together. As wonderful as it may seem to spend the entire day with someone you like, it has its own cons. Some companies follow the anti-fraternization policy, popularly known as the no-dating policy. You could even be taken to court if you go against it!

Of course, you may just end up finding your future life partner at the workplace. But if you’re not looking for anything serious, then it is best avoided (especially with bosses and subordinates). This is because when you eventually break up, things could get get ugly and create tension that’ll affect you and those around.

3. Have each other’s back at all times

You might need your colleagues to help you out when you catch a fever or have an important wedding to attend. It’s always nice to know there is someone back at the office covering up, working a little extra and finishing up for you.

But you need to be that person too and be prepared to do the same and chip in that little extra effort for your colleagues, when they’re in need.

4. Have no nemesis

We all have people whom we just cannot stand and the mere sight of them can irritate us. It is okay to not like someone at the workplace. But it is better not to lock horns with them and risk getting in their bad books!

Even in times of friction, we must maintain a calm and cool exterior. It is best not to gossip or hold a grudge against someone, as it only complicates things.  All matters must be resolved professionally and formally.

Everyone at the workplace should work towards a common goal that the company wants to achieve. At the same time, it’s important that you wake up with a smile every morning, looking forward to go to work and that can happen only if you maintain cordial and friendly relationships with your co-workers.

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Rachna Srinivas is a Psychology student studying at Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru. She wants to travel the world and fill her life with colourful experiences. She is passionate about writing, reading books and watching movies. She is drawn towards spirituality and loves having deep conversations.


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