College too stressful? Here’s what you can do to prepare for long weekdays

Assignments, Presentations, tests , internships- being a student of the 21st century is not an easy task. The unnecessary stress building up causing you to wonder how you haven’t exploded yet is no help either. If you ever feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, take a break and unwind.

If you have ever googled ways to de-stress , you’ll see a number of articles asking you to care for yourself. Self care goes a long way in surviving a stressful period.

“ It’s all about your attitude” says Arthi Bansy, a counsellor in Mount Carmel College, “ You could take a day off but it could only give temporary stress relief”. She recommends using that time off to get  yourself ready for the hard work ahead and scheduling in advance for long-lasting stress reduction.

Here are some things you can do to destress on holidays or in the weekends!

  1. Sleep

Sleep and stress are interrelated. If you are not getting your daily 7 hours of shut eye, there are high chances you are stressed. Krithika Bhat, a former Class 12 Board exam victim and a current BA student, swears on the miracles of sleeping long hours during holidays and says it’s the best recharge you’ll ever need. So the next time you get a holiday, pay off that sleep debt.

2. Grooming Pets

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) has scientifically established that a furry paw can pull you out of the stress cycle. Grooming your pet or even spending time with them can bring down high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Varna Bhaskar, a first year student in Mount Carmel College is a beneficiary of this method. She says spending time with her snouted siblings gives her all the energy she needs. If you don’t own a furry friend, go pet the nearest cat or dog for a pick-me-up.

3. Pampering

When was the last time you treated yourself to a day full of narcissistic pampering? Pampering yourself and making yourself feel special is a necessity to stress reduction. From a leisurely shower to a homemade mani-pedi, you can destress and look fabulous for the rest of the week. Varna recommends a hot bath with a honey and cinnamon mask.

4. Talk it out

Humans are social beings. Though being social is now getting limited to social media, talking to your friends or family is a great stress relief. Navya Iyer, a first year student says talking about anything with her parents calms her down. If you are not able to or can’t bring yourself to talk with people you know, provides you with hundreds of people ready to listen.

Whatever the method, we all need a day to pause and relax. So sit back, kick your legs up and grab a hot cup of coffee. Take a day for yourself without the guilt and chillax!

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If she’s not binge watching sitcoms, you’ll probably find Kushala curled up with a comic and a huge bag of chips. Studying her first year, BA in Mount Carmel College, Kushala Shanubhog is passionate about English Literature and loves to read. She will never say no to a game of chess.

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