‘Fitness is about transforming yourself through your body’: Coach Urmi on fitness

Being a fitness coach doesn’t just mean being a certified teacher in various forms of physical training. Urmi is more than that. She calls herself an ‘Energy Coach’; someone who trains the body to be physically fit and mentally sound.

Today, she has her own training centre in Mumbai called Kinetic Living. Prior to this, she’s had experience performing at various national and international events, and is even a Nike coach.

If you’re an entrepreneur or simply just interested in athletics or self-improvement, hear what Urmi has to say about her experiences and the importance of exercise in dealing with stress.

Her journey

A quote by Steve Jobs really struck a chord in Coach Urmi during her college orientation. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Today, when she looks back on her journey, the dots have definitely connected to lead up to starting Kinetic Living. It began during her childhood when Urmi learned classical dance, played basketball in her school and even tried out cardio kickboxing.

“These activities were so dynamic. Movement was a big part of my life,” Urmi says.

To manage so many activities, she disciplined herself to focus, which reaped good results and also motivated her to work hard in her academics.

Later, Urmi moved into the advertising profession and then pursued her post-graduate. In 2009, she discovered the Daksha Sheth Dance Company  in Kerala that fused dance and martial arts. Something in her pushed her towards it and, with support form her parents, she decided to quit her job to train.

Moving from Mumbai to Kerala was a big shift. She didn’t know Malayalam, and missed her family and friends. However, she trained by the lake in a studio surrounded by trees and nature, under her Guru Daksha Sheth.

“It was profoundly different from living in a cosmopolitan city. The environment was deeply spiritual and energizing,” she says.

She even found a way to use her knowledge of advertisement to help the institute grow. “Apart from learning, I performed dual roles by using my advertising skills to popularise the institute through social media,” Urmi said.

After completing three years, she began personal training in Mumbai and then started Kinetic Living. For her, making such a big decision was not an obstacle.

“When you keep emotions out of making decisions, you make really sound choices,” Urmi advises.

“God is in the details”

“The way people say cooking is an art, physical training is an art itself. Everything fits into one another. Pilates improves the posture, running helps in fat loss and lifting weight strengthens the body. A good combination of all of these is the core idea of kinetic living,” Urmi said.

According to her, exercise has a ripple effect and it leaves an impact on all aspects of our lives.

That’s the whole philosophy behind Kinetic Living. It is a mix of pilates, weights, bodyweight functional training, running, animal flow, Flexibar and Yoga, among other things.

Coping with stress and anxiety

Urmi has learned, through her profession, that exercising is the best defence against stress and anxiety.

“I have to dedicate one hour to physical and, consequently, mental awareness. When you start training, you become more aware about breathing and that translates into physical awareness. That’s how we become happier people,” Urmi tells us.

It’s all about making conscious decisions about your lifestyle by putting in hard work and dedication towards it.

“You have to put better food on your plate because you realize the importance of it and not because someone told you. When you eat bad food, you won’t have the energy for a workout. You start to see that certain foods make you feel uncomfortable, so change your habits and lifestyle a little bit,” Urmi says.

It’s always a work in progress.

Urmi advises everyone not to expect changes overnight if you want your transformation to be permanent.

“People look at working out as a project. Society and conditioning has changed us in that way. Problems can’t be sealed in one go with a band aid. You can’t just look at the goal and not the journey,” she says.

After you take time out to workout, your results might motivate you to pursue your hobbies and interests. You realize that you can do so much more with life because you have the energy to do it!

You can find Coach Urmi and Kinetic Living on Instagram here and here.

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