FIFA World Cup is back! Here’s 5 careers to explore if you want to be on the football field!

FIFA World Cup 2018 is here!


If you are reading this, you are probably sitting at home and watching the excitement on your laptop screen.

Maybe the tickets were too expensive but if you care enough about the sport, there are other ways to be in the stadium.

Here is a list of five sports careers which can take you as close to the action as possible without being a player!

Start preparing now and you could make it to the Qatar World Cup in 2022 or the 2026 World Cup to be jointly hosted by USA, Canada, and Mexico!

  1. Sports Engineer
Nope, not that kind.    /Source: Giphy

As a Sports Engineer, you could be closely involved in designing the equipment used by teams or even designing the turf they plan on.

They are behind the research and development of technologies which help players perform better.

Sports engineers can be from backgrounds such as mechanical or materials engineering. There are specialised Master’s degrees available in sports engineering but they are mostly outside India.

   2. Sports Journalist

Catch these moments live! / Source: Giphy


If you are a sports journalist, you can be in the middle of the action without paying that hefty ticket price!

You get to talk to the players, have access to press interactions, and you can go to events and dinner with your favourite teams.

The options for you are to write for a digital or print publication or be a television presenter. You could even be on the crew for sports channels telecasting the event as a producer, broadcast engineer, a cameraperson, or a photographer.

3. Sports Statistician/Sports Data Analyst

When the numbers don’t make any sense. /Source: Giphy

If your love for numbers and data matches your love for the sport, this is a career option that will bring the two together in a blissful union.

The role of a sports statistician or analyst is to use numbers to analyse the performance of players and teams. This data is then used to devise the strategy for games, and to assess the competition.

You get to enjoy the game and take it apart!

You have to be good at Mathematics and Statistics. But beyond that, you also need to know computer programming and web development. Data analysts and statisticians can either work as part of the team or work for a sports media outlet.

4. Sports Medicine Doctor

You’ll treat bigger injuries than this one. / Source: Giphy

No one wants their favourite players to get injured and leave an exciting match but when they do get hurt, you can be the one to treat them!

As a sports medicine doctor, you will be specialised in taking care of sports-related injuries. You will ensure the health and fitness of sportspersons, often designing their exercise regimes, too.  

For this, you need to have an MBBS degree, to begin with. You can then specialise in sports medicine by taking up one of several Post-Graduate Diplomas offered in Indian institutes or pursue a degree in Doctor of Medicine (MD).

5. Sports Management

You’re the real boss. /Source: Giphy


This career will put you as close to the action as possible. As a sports manager, your role is to make the games happen. Organising, communicating among teams, handling the finances- you could be doing it all.

A sports manager could be managing individual teams, taking care of a particular venue,  or working for a company that organises big national and international level leagues.

You don’t need to have a specific degree in sports management. You can enter this field even with a degree in law, accounting, or management. But if you want to do a course, there are institutes in India which offer Post Graduate Diplomas in Sports Management.  

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