Senti-Sunday #6 The best part of the Northbound experience? Learning!

Northbound has already given me and Meghana so much. From the time we quit our jobs four months ago, we’ve learned about so many careers, picked up so many new soft skills and stepped out of our comfort zone nearly every day.

But the highlight of Northbound for me has been the number of amazing people I’ve been meeting.

In the last three months we’ve had the opportunity to chat with so many inspiring people such as the former editor-in-chief Buzzfeed India and the designer behind the Virushka wedding.

These people have shared their insights and stories with us and even given us advice on how we should go about starting and running Northbound!

Recently I had the opportunity to meet and have a chat with Ankit Nagori, co-founder of Cure Fit. His first venture right out of college was a Youth Media and Marketing agency that ran for three years so he obviously had a lot of knowledge to share.

He told me that we need to have a lot of patience in this space. Meghana and I had been told this plenty of times but to hear that from someone who had been there and done that made a huge difference.

Learning from people who have done it before us has been very valuable but what’s been most surprising to me is how much we can learn from people even though they’re not in our fields.

Abhirup Ghosh, a Physicist taught me to be around positive and empowering friends. An Underwater Photographer, Anup taught me that it’s okay to take time out to keep learning and an Illustrator, Alicia Souza reinforced the importance of regular de-stressing.

I’ve always heard stories of discipline and the importance of learning, but to hear about it from real people I could relate to made a big difference. Such a big difference that I’ve actually been implementing what they’ve taught me!


Let’s hope this lasts!


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