The Stage semi-finalist Aishwarya Suresh on not letting social media bring your confidence down

Much has been said about how social media and watching the filtered lives of others can affect people’s confidence in their appearance. For artists and creators, this constant comparison also affects their faith in their own talent and skills.

We often find ourselves in that cycle, too, getting carried away and comparing ourselves to all the talented people out there. So when we met Aishwarya Suresh, a young musician who was a semi-finalist on the singing reality show ‘The Stage’, we were inspired by her take on things.

“Sometimes, when I come across another musician online I get worried and think that I should be doing more. But then I remind myself that each individual is different. Every artist has their own creative process,” Aishwarya said.

We don’t know about you but that opened up a whole new perspective for us.

Although she is barely in her 20s, Aishwarya is full of such insights on life, music, and positivity.

“It is a very competitive world with so many people trying to do the same things. But it is important to take your own time and stay true to who you are,” she said.

Aishwarya Suresh was a semi-finalist on the singing reality show The Stage Picture by Gokul Rao Kadam (IG: _meister_meister)
Aishwarya Suresh was a semi-finalist on the singing reality show The Stage. [Picture by Gokul Rao Kadam (IG: _meister_meister)]

A transformation on ‘The Stage’

Aishwarya came into the public eye early on when she took part in ‘The Stage’ at the age of 18. She did well on the show and made it as far as the semi-finals. All without ever taking any formal training.

“I grew up in Thailand and I went to a boarding school so I did not get the opportunity to formally learn music. But I used to sing at home. My dad and my sister were both very into different kinds of music and I was influenced by that,” she said.

Being on The Stage was a life-changing experience for Aishwarya who had been, until then, a shy person.

“I got bullied a lot in school and I was judged for the colour of my skin. That made me very conscious and made me want to blend into the crowd,” she said.

She was in India for her undergraduate degree when The Stage was inviting people for auditions. Her mother found it exciting and insisted on her giving it a shot.

“It turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. It really helped with my confidence. I also got to meet amazing people,” Aishwarya said.

Being true to yourself online

After The Stage, Aishwarya had attained something of a celebrity status with thousands of people watching her. She was overwhelmed by the positive response she got online but it wasn’t easy at first.

“At first when I made my Instagram page public. I felt a lot of pressure to show myself in a certain way. Then I told myself that people were following me for who I am so I relaxed and decided to just be myself,” she said.

Aishwarya now wants to use her social media account as a space to promote positivity and good vibes.

She is done with college and her next move is work with songwriters and learn from them so she can create original songs.

Her advice to aspiring musicians

Collaborations with other musicians are very important because you get to learn a lot.

“It can be even be on a small scale. Even when I work with my guitarist for shows in the city, I learn so much from him,” Aishwarya said.

She also urges musicians to spend time listening to music and finding new artists to inspire you.

And lastly, Aishwarya believes in taking up any opportunity that life presents you without thinking too much.

Her music idols: Daughter and Adele.

Check out Aishwarya’s YouTube channel here to listen to her amazing voice! You can also get to know her better on her Instagram page.

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